Many home owners struggle to determine whether they are going to hire a real estate agent to help sell their home or if they are going to try to handle the sale on their own. Real estate is a tricky business, so many home owners choose to give up a portion of the sale to have a professional take care of it for them. However, many are not turning to the real estate industry. They are utilizing agencies that cater to for sale by owner sales. These agencies are arming the homeowners with the tools that they need to do it by themselves.

Owner Sell Without Agent

With the help of No Agent Property, a homeowner can decide to utilise a private treaty sale or an auction campaign. If they choose to utilise a private treaty they will be able to sell their property directly to the purchaser at a negotiated price. Or they can choose to put their property in an auction campaign and watch the bidders fight over it. Check out this video to get an idea of what the auction campaign process looks like. It is an ideal choice for homeowners, because it saves time and helps to raise the selling price. It can weed out the buyers that are not that interested in the property and highlight the ones that are.

Private Auction 8 Emma Street Caulfield South Vic 3162

There are services for either type of sale and the home owners in Melbourne can choose the best way to sell their home. When it comes to a private sale, no agent sales have the possibility to yield a higher amount for the home owner. That is because they don’t have to pay the real estate agent a commission or pay for expensive advertising.

Analysing your Choices

When it comes to selling your property, there are a few options to choose from. The first choice is to pay an agent a commission and pour a ton of money into advertising, and the agent will connect you with buyers that saw your add and are already interested in the property. The second option is to try to sell the home by yourself and wait until the right person sees your ad and has the financing to purchase the property. The third option is to utilise the professional services of a no agent service company, who will offer the same services for a fraction of the cost of a real estate agency and put you in front of five times as many prospective buyers. They will have the buyers fighting over your property.

If you are looking for the best option for selling your home, I would suggest that you choose No Agent Property, who allow you to save tens of thousands on the sale of your home and keep you in control. Nobody will fight for the sale of your home harder than you will. It is easy to get started. Choose a package and get started today.


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