Selling a property can be quite an exciting prospect for many homeowners in Australia. However it needs some time and effort in order to guarantee you get the best price. It can look easy but there is some work to be done. You have to ensure that your property appeals to the buyer and present it to them in that way.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before the big day:

Don’t be Messy: When you walk into a property that is for sale,
you imagine living there with your furniture and décor so it’s natural to want a bright and inviting space.
A messy interior with old possessions can really dampen this image.
It can be quite time consuming and daunting to declutter your property but this is exactly what you should be doing in order to make your home feel larger and give prospective buyers the space to imagine their lives there. ‘Less is better’ and provides a more open spaced look.
Try and keep everything neat and neutral so that potential buyers can imagine themselves living in the property.


Selling house privately

We often put off small repairs until the last minute and we usually tend to forget about them. However it could cost you more than you think if you don’t take care of these repairs before the house goes on sale. No one wants to see chips in the paint or cracked tiles. To get the highest price possible, the property must look at its best.

Spend your money wisely:

Think about the type of buyer you want to attract so only spend money wisely on renovations or structural changes. Also remember renovations take your time and money, so they should only be done if you truly believe you will get the return on your investment. Also the money you save on not doing renovations may be better spent with ‘freshening’ up your house to be presented in it’s best form. Rather than use old furniture for your inspections, perhaps spend a little more and hire a stylist who can show your property in a new light?

Use the best photographs:

Almost all potential buyers start their search online so it’s vital that you take quality photographs highlighting the best aspects of your property and present that. Use a good quality camera or even better hire a professional photographer to do the job.
Skimping on this step could potentially make you lose the best chance of getting a good price for your property or missing out on the buyer even seeing your house!

Using an agent or sell privately?:

Although in the past it has been common practice to commission a real estate agent to market and sell your property; this is not the case now. More and more people are deciding to sell their property privately. There are still some people that think that it is the ‘law’ to sell through an Agent. Not so! There are many reliable agencies such as No Agent Property who can help you market your property for sale without charging any commission. As the homeowner you will have control of selling your house privately without the need of an agent. You will save Thousands!


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