Have you been looking to sell your business or want to know more about how to sell your business privately? Are your frustrated with the idea of giving such a large cut of your profits to an agent? Do you want to know more about selling a business without a broker?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you should know that you don’t need to worry about a broker and that you can actually sell a small business all by yourself. There is no need to pay a commission that you get from the proceeds of your business. So, whether you are retiring, having medical issues, having trouble keeping it afloat, bogged down with other commitments, too tired, or just need a change of pace, you can quickly and easily sell your business privately.

Selling Privately

selling business privately without broker“When I went to sell my business last year, I was almost roped into a deal with a broker. I am glad that I found No Agent Business. They allowed me to list and sell my property without having to pay any agent commissions at all. That means that I was able to benefit from the sale of my business, which I worked so hard to build.”


No Agent Business has been assisting residential, commercial, and business owners sell their properties and businesses without a broker. They offer all of these great features that you can benefit from:
  • Customer Service hours extended to be there for you from 9 am to 9pm EST, 7 days a week
  • Authorised and licenced which allows them to access certain sites
  • Easy to use dashboard with statistics and editing access 24/7
  • Expert assistance from real estate agents, social media specialists, graphic designers, and marketing experts.

No Agent Business is a one stop-shop for your business selling needs. They understand the small business owner and know that you have worked hard to build your business. Don’t give any of your hard earned money to a broker or agent just to do what you will be able to do by yourself.

Handling Your Business Sale

So, if you are looking to advocate for your own company and want to skip out on paying a commission, No Agent Business is a lot of help. When you have a business for sale by owner, the purchaser feels confident that they are going to deal with an honest, hard-working business owner. They won’t have to deal with a pushy agent that is perceived as only concentrating on driving the price up to maximise their commission. It is the edge that you need to get your business sold. It is the edge that you need to get top dollar for your business.

With No Agent Business and their experts on your side, you can handle your for sale by owner transaction every time. Help is just a call away and there are professionals waiting to answer your questions or get you started on unloading your business for a pile of cash.



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