Many home owners in Victoria struggle to determine whether they are going to hire a traditional real estate agent to help sell their property or in sell their property privately and handle the sale on their own.

Read what Michael Hollander, a homeowner who decided to sell privately with No Agent property.

My apartment was sold on Saturday for well over the reserve. It is now listed as ‘under contract’ until settlement.

Since it was sold to an Australian citizen living in South Africa, it is clear that this buyer found my property online. Not only that, your recommendation that paying extra for the highlight feature on midway through our 4 week campaign would yield results was spot on. We noticed an immediate improvement in buyer interest which was sustained through to the auction. Having 3 people bidding at the auction was crucial to the successful outcome and due in no small part to the featured advertising, hence the amount spent up front was easily recovered many times over.

Your personal service provided during the course of the sales campaign was first rate, professional, courteous and always helpful, as was that provided by your team. This extended from getting calls returned promptly within a few hours to useful advice via the online chat tool. The only minor glitch was that the printed brochures did not arrive in time for the first OFI.

Yours sincerely,
Michael Hollander

If you too are a homeowner in Melbourne looking to sell without paying any commissions, then No Agent Property should be your next step.


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