Selling property can be a big step for anyone, as it often seems like there’s a lot to think about and prepare. Here is a simple list of what you can prioritise to prepare your house for sale, and get the best outcome when it goes on the market.

  1. Clean, tidy, and de-clutter

PREPARING A HOUSE FOR SALE 1It’s important that buyers focus on the positives of the property, rather than distracting mess that might reduce your house’s value. It will also make the property look much more spacious.

As well as a simple tidy-up or sweep and mop, consider eliminating odours, making the windows sparkle, putting pets on a leash, hiding visible cables, getting carpets and curtains steam-cleaned by a professional, and the outside of the house including gutters/downpipes and the garden.

  1. De-personalise

PREPARING A HOUSE FOR SALE 2“De-personalising” the place will help the potential new owners envision the place as their own, so consider removing kitsch decorations, personal photos, and your favourite items, or even add a fresh coat of paint in a neutral or up-to-date colour.

It might also help you let go of your home and prepare yourself for the sale.

  1. Finish unfinished projects


If you’ve got any projects and repairs in progress, or little fixes that you’ve been meaning to do, now is the time to give the property that “move-in ready” appeal.
Otherwise, some buyers like the challenge and might want to make their own mark on the property, so it could be advertised as a “project” or “opportunity”.

There are always buyers on the market, and it can be good to get your property out there sooner to attract more interest and not miss out. If you need help deciding the best time to advertise, consider engaging a company like No Agent Property, who provide full support and advice about advertising and selling.

  1. Staging

PREPARING A HOUSE FOR SALE 4Make sure that the property has been prepared well for photos and inspections, and consider “staging” the property, which can be done yourself or by hiring a professional company. Many people do it themselves and should remember to create a welcoming entry, position furniture to maximise space and open blinds to let sunlight in.

Some properties might be advertised without furniture, as a blank canvas for new owners, but staging done right has shown to actually increase interest.

  1. Get great photos

PREPARING A HOUSE FOR SALE 5For most people, the photos are the first thing they look at, and well-presented photos can win over buyers.

You don’t have to get professional photos. In some cases, a good personal camera, and all the lights turned on and windows open, can be enough to make the property shine.

However, investing in professional photos is always going to add extra value to your listing. Trained professional photographers have access to tools and experience that you can’t offer yourself. If you don’t know where to turn to for professional photos, No Agent Property can help organise photography for properties almost anywhere in Australia.

  1. Get documents organised

PREPARING A HOUSE FOR SALE 6Whether you choose to sell with an agent, or with a private company like No Agent Property to save on fees and commission, you will need to organise legal documents. It’s imperative that you engage with a solicitor or conveyancer (often known as a settlement agent in WA) to get it all done right.

They can help provide a contract of sale, draft documents for when buyers make an offer, and can help you with any legal advice for selling what is probably your biggest asset. It’s recommended that you get this documentation organised before going live with your advertising in case someone wants to make an offer, and in some states, it’s a legal requirement.

  1. Be sure on your price

PREPARING A HOUSE FOR SALE 7You might be looking to get a property valuation, but this is an in-depth inspection and quotation that’s often not necessary. It’s worth researching your local market by looking online at sites like realestate.com.au and domain.com.au, or through a property appraisal.

This is a report with comparable sales and market trends to help you estimate the price, and will often provide more information than the public websites as the report is meant for agents. If you’re looking to sell privately, all packages with No Agent Property come with this report included at no extra cost!




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