When it came time to sell her multi-million dollar McKinnon family home, director of No Agent Property Jacqui Smith decided to put her company to the test and the results were nothing short of amazing.

“I must say, because our home was valued at more than $2.5m, I was a little apprehensive as to whether I could successfully sell my home using No Agent Property. I asked every question to myself that our clients ask us!”

sell your home privately

The most common questions being:

  • Can I get the best price?
  • Will it be hard to sell?
  • How should I prepare my house?
  • How long will it take?
  • Can I actually sell it?

Jacqui found it to be an eye-opening process and at times, challenging but she loves to share her experiences with her customers.

“I found the advertising and maintenance of my advert to be quite easy and I received over 100 enquiries. This led to a number of open house inspections, but as it was only myself and my husband, it was a challenge to keep up with everyone. My enthusiasm was high and I shortly realised that I may have been ‘over-selling’ it. I changed my approach to ‘inspect by appointment’ which I found to be more manageable. It did mean more regular cleaning duties, but it enabled me to feel more in control and relaxed.”

So the big question is…. Did the home sell? And if so, what was the sale price?

sell your property privately
visit www.noagentproperty.com.au
“Yes, yes yes! My beautiful home sold for $2.87 million; well over the $2.5m estimate from local agents. I engaged our local conveyancer to prepare the contract of sale and vendor statement, and they handled the settlement. Selling privately works! I can now honestly say this as a fact.”

For more information on how to sell your property privately and save on agent fees, visit www.noagentproperty.com.au or call 1300 850 855.


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