What do you need to know before buying an existing business in Australia?
Many experts are forecasting that a big wave of businesses may become available over the next decade or so as baby boomers look to sell. While the economy continues its climb into a total recovery (we hope), it very well could be the best time for you to fulfil that lifelong dream of getting a business.
For some Australian, buying an existing business is a better option than to start from scratch. Why? Because another person has done a significant part of the legwork for you, for example, setting up a client base, contracting representatives, and arranging a lease. Still, you’ll have to do some careful examination to ensure that what you see is what you’ll get.
Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of buying an existing business in Australia.
Buy existing business with no agent business


– You already possess a ready infrastructure and that is possibly the most significant advantage. The fact that the ground work was already done and you don’t need to start something from the scratch means a whole lot as there are no startup troubles.
– It is important that you buy a business that already has a proven track record which would make having finances easy.
– There would also be a customer base you are able to rely on and you do not have to wait for months, before you start earning profits.


-The initial investment may be very high, though that depends on the business, its condition and location. You will find that businesses located closer to CBD in Australian major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, are generally more expensive.
– There might be internal conditions you were not aware of from the outdoors and you may be required to employ new staff too.
If you desire to go into business, purchasing an existing and better established business shouldn’t be over looked. The choice of starting an enterprise from scratch or buying an existing business is entirely under your control.
Both have its own pro’s and con’s and all boils down to personal preference and experience.
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